Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I often wonder how to characterize myself
I wonder for far I'll go(fall) in my allotted time in life
Perhaps I will(won't) be able to meet the (low) standards I set for myself
The difficulties of life sometimes give me cause(greif) enough to think this is an (un) reasonable prospect.
Indeed, perhaps I should stop comparing(stressing) about the perceived accomplishments of my peers
I should(can't) see that my victory do not depend of the lives of other, they are mine to achieve(fail).
I (don't) think I can do this. I (don't) believe that the (brittle) temperance I'm building for my self will achieve something.
Being (un)able to learn from the past and (un)willing to apply myself to any venture is(n't)
It must (not) be worth it in the long run I (can't) feel it
The ringing in my ears tells me that my efforts must (won't) be for something good.
Voices in my dreams demand that I (don't) do something with the gift of my life
My (lack of) motivation is key
Do (don't) make something of yourself, my code of conduct
I can (not) overcome.

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