Friday, October 26, 2012

The Purpose of these words, dreamed and relayed.

One of the greatest discoveries about myself is that I have a love of writing. Creative writing to be specific. It's a means of escape and a mechanism of reflection. The goals of my words is to paint a picture for the mind, cook a meal for the soul and make music for the heart and it is all based on a dream.

The dream starts in the middle
Hair unkempt
eyes caked
blood shot eyes half baked
rosted in the heat of summer
left to simmer and fester
goals burn to a fine crisp
dreams boiled into vapor
I walk the day in sweat
dreaming with shame
perpetrating with disappointment
In my hands in the last record
last testament
Will and legacy
I wait under shade
hidden from the judging sun
The records are a dedication
for my friends and lovers.

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