Monday, October 29, 2012

The Traverse

I wake with the suns mercy
Whatever pain physical numbed by tragedy spiritual
Abandoned in the waters
A large plank my only means of survival
I contemplate letting go, let the waters take me
Drifting comes easy, no need to move, not cause for daring action
close my eyes and let the waves rock me to sleep
I spend the nights watching other sails
other boats
I could cry out to them, beg and plead
some see me, moving close before changing course
Others make their way through the waters, their glow reflected in the clear nights sky
In my defeated rest, I hear the waves part
a familiar sound not witnessed in ages
Another ship, much closer,this one a mix of dark and light colors
 it could notice me
Curved to glorious form, sails shaping the winds into curls
My passages is negotiated and granted
The time aboard is conflicting
Some days the winds fair well and the seas are open for exploration
Other days the air is dead, and I sit, breathless
waiting of a tomorrow more favorable
I wait at the boats edge, old thoughts of the cold waters come to pass
Motivation settles in, rumbles of fire ignite in my chest
I cast off thoughts of failure
When high winds rock the seems of my new ship
I adapt
When the sky demands a dual and blades of blinding light rend the sea
I dodge with the grace of dolphins
I brace myself at the endless rolls of clouds, daring them, scoring them
I traverse this worlds fury, the majesty of ship inspiring me to heroism
Inspiring my dreams, my thoughts.
I wonder, after my fever dream ends
after the might of the world has proven too much
after I lift myself up from the sands of the beach
bested by the winds and wails of the earth.
I wonder if the ship out in the distance is mine.


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