Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Factory

The Screens catalog visual history
        First trip to camp
        Second week of school
        all the time spent with a video game controller in hand
Conveyor belts sort out mental consideration
       Feeling on things I should have said
       didn't say
       regretted saying
Over in the corner is a computer filled with plan and orders
       Future goals and accomplishments 
       Dreams to be acted out and fulfilled
In front of me are a collectons of levers
all neatly labeled, all clearly controlling the complex machinery
My emotional cortex distilled into warhouse efficiency
I view the neural workshop from the vantage point of a simple desk
Looking over the factory's work, observing it's proces for a long as I have
the detailed records and the catalog moments
all presented with excruciating clarity
I consider
every minute of everyday
every cold winter and sunless morning
each rainy day and stale night
what would happen if the factory stopped?
        To what end would it be if I smashed the screens
        purged the ghastly images from record
what ease it would be to stall and break the belts
        forget my words and their worries
        what would meaning would shutting down all my plans, however grand or bland or unreal
But, looking down at my desk, placed right within my grasp
is a simple switch
and with a simple motion of the hand I could shut my factory down
I consider placing a hand on the switch
just to see how it feel
Just to see if I would

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