Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wide Eyes

The memory of this is somewhat obscured, the subject is something that faded from perfect memory,
but something that did stand out 
above most all else... 
The smile
 The mouth of which appears to be a mix of
 Smug superiority
 I feel the urge to slap that damn grin onto the floor
 I settel for wrapping my lips around the subject.


The light is eclipsed
The fires of the world bowing before something greater
The light is in service of curves
Accents on a form
Highlights as told by nurturing nature
The curves round to the navel
the point B
A above, abreast of warm skin
C centered downward, the contents of which demand, order, compel me
The word wrapping itself around me
"Fall to you knees"
My decent is enthusiastic
"Raise your lips"
I pucker with vigor
I sing praises, recite contos, wrap my arms around my idol
Devoting my self to repeated climax.

Past Lives

Delusions of lifetimes
Half recalled hallucinations
The machinations of the former
The tyrannical king
Dashing bard
Exiled Prince
Treasured concubine
Intertwined Mingled and bended
In a manner between
The last breaths, I picture them
Romantic dreams of deeds done
Glory lost
Toxic passions flourished
The echoes of the moans
The groans
Eyes rolled back addicted throws
In this contemplation
My curiosity grows
How, I wonder
Will the next life
That pending splendor
Remember this former self?