Sunday, October 28, 2012


The Weight starts off light
easy to care, easy to bear
the waters rest comfortably at my toes 
I start to walk
Briskly at first
no cares or concerns, the path is clear and the weight light
soon the waters are at my calfs
I ignore it, I shrug as my stride slows
then waters come to my knees
I stop, pause and observe the lands
the change of course makes the burden grow
but the waters sink
my sighs ease my brow
the waters become calming
my mind grows complacent
my next step sinks me
I let myself fall
the weight is of no consequence
my decent ends at sands depths
I collaps at the sudden surge of mass
the waters clean
encompassing ocean become bitter desert
steams singes my skin
the air boils the bones
but I struggle
arise from the sand
My steps rhythmic
The Weight rattles in my ear

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