Saturday, October 27, 2012

No Time to Lose

I recall a dream I had several weeks ago. I somehow gained immortality and lived out several life times in the span of 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep. To the best of my recollection, it went something like this.
The 1st Year:
Nothing of any relevance, life goes on as it always has. Days come and go, nights linger.

Years 3-5: Standard of living improved, but the mood has taken a somber road. Depression? Perhaps  but why and for what?

Years 6-10: Several changes in appearance, once long hair now completely bald. Peak of physical condition. The complements are daily and consistent. Finally make progress with carrear.

Years 10-20:
Several old friends died. Natural causes. Questions about youthful appearance hand waved with speeches about dieting and positive outlooks on life. Old Romances sought, rekindled, devolved, and reconciled.

Years 21-45: Relocated. New country, new language, new customs. Regrew my old hair. Every time I run my hands through it my spine tingles with nostalgia.

Years 46-88: I have developed a routine. Travel to a new place. Change my name, gather new friends, grow with then for several years, then move on. Keeping contact with certain people is tricky, but in time they pass. I watch lovers blossom into their golden years, friends reach new succeses, old enemies rot. It entertains, but all to soon does the somber feeling creep back into mind.

Years 89-133: I have seen the extent of the modern world. Sights, historic events well documented. Tragedies witnessed passionately, but one day I wake and find myself in a melancholily depression. This pitiful stupor ends, thousands of miles away from my home is some city. The waves of the beach wake me and my adventure ends where it begane. The daze of morning ending my immortality.

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