Sunday, November 4, 2012

Reminisce: The Late Nights

Sleep called
I cancled my subscription
Reminice with silver light in my eyes
My old passions addiction
In the emitions of my dreams machine
The figure is obscured
but the voice is clear
Old pains pray in vain to be cured
New inspirations come and go
To and frow
Tried to let go
Fell back to dreams of that face
That laughter
That's what I'm after
Visions of old flames
And old names
Old games
More of the same
But what can I do?
Try something new
Meet up, joke around, play the clown or fool
Remember the past and ask why
Why here, why not, why the new thing, why not the old
Am I not bold enough
The riches of new ventures not gold enough
Sometimes yes
Somestimes no
And so
I find myself looking in mirror
Of the mind and see
Behind me and I wonder

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