Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Leopard

Exercises in recollection are tasks best done with care and patience. Forcing memories often leads to the wrong pieces being brought to the puzzle. One such puzzle that I have solved involves a leopard I once knew. Our relationship began simply enough, introduction at the behest of a mutual friend, conversations about past adventures ect. Then, when it became apparent that in the back of both of our eyes were glimmers of attraction, the course of this ship changed. It started when he made mention of his current arrangement with another fellow. I kept my disappointment to myself, but given his charm I should not have been surprised. Fortunately for me this was not an obstacle. 
My fasanation for him was obvious, so when he brings to light the idea of us become more aquatinted with one another, I of course lept at this opportunity like the grey eyed animal I was and devoured it oh so greedily.
And so I found myself waiting through the day like a turtle slogging through the sand. The time between us getting into my car and back to my house seeming to take the better half of eternity. The knuckles on my hands turned a particular shade of cocaine white as I waited for his arrival, then he appears.
In the waves of the croud i see him
His stride is like a Leopard moving through the forest
he owns the area,
 he loping with a confidence that inspires feelings in my heart long repressed
We drive to my home,
barely make it to my room and fall into my bed
He stars at me like a lion eyeing a fresh jucy zebra
hands are moves up and down legs
pants are unzipped.
The feeling is relieving in a way. I let myself go.
I feel years of lonely weight fall of my soul like leaves from a tree. 
Bare and naked in body and soul. 
The new feeling of freedom and openess that sprouts like a rose fully formed. 
I bask in this new from, the glow of his affection my ever nurturing sun.
Naked and at his full command, he lays down and tells me to take out his manhood.
It was glorious.
It felt like one of the best things I ever had the chance to put into my mouth.
I would nurtue it in my tounge, I would pamper it with my lips. It was addicting. I didn't matter where we were. I would willingly worship at the statue of his masculine pride.
But such passions end, and faiths fall
The echoes exist in memory and I
from time to time
Indulge in them like a snake drunk on honey.

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