Saturday, November 10, 2012


I have an enemy
This foes does not know of their transgression
at least not from my perspective
the are unaware of my motives
oblivious to my reasoning
in the dark of my bittet light
They have stolen something
not irreplaceable
but very unforgettable
this impecable
the things its made me do
made me feel
see and say
to this day
It taunts me
It shines without me
It's sun covered by the clouds
of my enemy
the cold chill of a warm day
The waves of my calm seas
Makes me think
could my enemy
be my friend
be a source
by the power vested in
the Sun would illuminate the world
and I would see
along with my former enemy
the joy of the sun shared
but I suspect, no I know
to the center of the clouds I will no go
for my wings are coated
in bits of jade
my armor made of emerald
It weights me down,
its color bright in my mind
a blinding, burning glare in my dreams
but its allure is intoxicating
and my heart wants the enemy to choke

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