Sunday, November 18, 2012


I see you in my mind
I see you as you were
In moments of passion
Pangs of guilt
Tears infested with pain
Smile riddled with joy
I have dreams of Us
I wake, some several monts ago
Before my tagities
My failures
And sometimes youre there next to me
Other times I'm ahead of the disaster
I cry with a soul overwhealmed with happiness
I run to find you
Drive my car as fast as it can go for you
Take you in my arms and kiss you like it is my last act of heroism
But then, in the midst of this dream so real
Fantasy so dear
Imagination so dire
I'm thrust into the waking day
The middle of actual afternoon
The cold autum night
The nold room we shared
Hidden trinkets of yours inside
Holding them drives me to dark corners
Deep oceans of pity
I cann see the sun above
And I can swim to the top
Should I choose
But for now I will drown

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