Sunday, December 23, 2012


I recall the first
Discovered in my youth
Stuck in the house
Fog so thick your eyes chocked
I saw him on the screen
Red cape, blue tights
Faster then a train, leapt tall heights
Mezmorized, I watched him battle
Men of evil, corrupt wrong doers, vicious monsters
Other pantheons appeared
A pride of catmen and women, crusading against
The Everliving
A man discovering
Through great tragety 
The power of responsibality
A league of Gods
Masquarading as men
Showing us the power of the human
Defeating the dregs of the inhuman 
I saw the future, some alternate for good
Some bad, some obtomistic fantasies
Others half-empty nightmares
In all of this gospel, be it composes on the TV screen
Or crafted in trade paperback
The end result 
A bible, tailor made for my wonders
Inspiring me, day to day
Still I see them

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