Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nostalgic Cocktails

Woke up drubk on nostalgia of days long gone.
My dreams sreved the drinks.
First  Shot
A cold day
we're bundeled up
smiling at each other
a joke leads to a kiss, leads to sweet sleep.
Second Shot
mix with a hit of bitter remorse
we argue, fight, reconcile, fight again
you cut yourself off
I wonder when i'll see you again
I walk the the long cobbled halls of regret
Wondering when i'll see you again
Wondering what went wrong
Then my luck changes
I find you locked up in my car
half awake, my cheeks perk
ears get warm
eyes ache, throat fills
I could cry, but I wanna stay cool
keep my mask up
so I jump in the driver side
we reconcile over dinner
Third shot
you in a bikini
forth shot
we share a room, impossibly hot
Fifth shot
reprisal of the former
Sixth shot
reprise again
Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth shots
Hands through hair, clawed backs, fangs in necks
eleventh shot
we ride, through some town I can't recall
on some night I half remember
you turn to me, I kiss you on the head
morning comes
Hangover for breakfast.

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