Sunday, December 23, 2012

Deeper into the well we go.

  Ah yes
Here are
Down a well
How deep, how far
Does this pit go?
Don't know, can't say.
Seems the hole gets twenty yards deeper
Every single day.
I'd say
That it looks man made
Hand crafted
But why?
If I'd wager a guess
Judging from the sounding mess
The perpetrator
The architect
Dug this hole himself
Why I wonder
Why indeed
Most would have no need
No use for
The pit of pathetic
Self made
Self doubt
Built from the finest bits of leftover selfesteme
Painstakingly hollowed out, to no end
No rock bottom to hit
Just dive in and fall
Wake to the sun, dried up on the ground
Pit to your right
Feeling down, champ?
Jump back in.

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