Sunday, December 2, 2012

Showcase: Capsule

Once upon a time
when I stared into the
crippling conundrum
confusing circumstances
complex conundrums
and compounding complications
that I call my day to dusk
hour on holiday
 minute to moment
section to sequence of events
Staring the 20 year vet
Marcus Antonius "Azriel" Cox
Now playing, see your local browser and get a peak
a view into the machinations of a man
lost in what appears to be pools of self
so pitiable
yet the words scrawled on his walls see to show
display and represent a boy
still and some other three letter emotion expressing disappointment
the images of which boils in the back of his head
burning a hole in any engine of esteem
but, fret not
Sifting throughout the waters he finds a bottle
white with labels
take a pill
and soon the room filled with muddy waters
dissipates and evaporates into a dry collection of images
the past and hazy screen of the future
the boy closes his eyes
Dreaming of the man he wants to be.

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