Thursday, April 18, 2013

Electric Infatuation

Long, late, lonely locomotion
Stemming from my eyes
I centers on the thighs of a girl with the prettiest of eyes
Drawn in by her hips, hyperbolic hypothetical histories of us
Formed by fractionally from a sentiment reminiscent of lust 
Bought a mound of clay, sculpted an image of your bust
Size of a sensational sun sends me singing 
Praising, possibly pandering
Ladies like yourself lead me to falling on my knees
I worship at your alter, the center of my computer screen
Wondering who you are, really
what do you like?
Favorite color, movie, book?
How do you feel when you wake up and the moon's inking in the knook
of your room, how do you like pizza? Thin like my knowledge of you or
Thick, like my feelings my heart tells me I have? How do you feel about
cats? If we ever meet, dated, match made in heaven belated,
would you be down with wearing matching hats?
The connection with you is simply visual
But the beats in my chest,
at the thought of my name giving joy
to your mind, your hopes, your dreams, your breasts
Feels so real alternate worlds seem of seem realistically fantastical
The connection with you is simply visual
But affection is sincere,
Framed Digital.

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